So, double-check your device settings, just in case. Since 2011, YouTube has supported the ability for viewers to highlight comments found within videos. This useful feature helps make it easier to identify important and relevant comments from viewers. Highlights represent a way for viewers to make their voices heard on YouTube, and add an additional layer of discoverability and engagement.

  • For sorting out this issue, you should go for other configurations.
  • Run App Store or Google Play Store to install or update Facebook.
  • If that’s the case, I’d recommend you just switch to Linux if you want a smoother development experience using Docker.
  • To turn off anti-sleep mode, click the Amphetamine icon in the menu bar and click “End Current Session”.
  • Some users claimed that the Windows PC would shut down instead of going to sleep or hibernate mode.

Sometimes, when you leave your system ideal for a particular period of time it automatically goes into sleep mode to save the power. I shut down out of habit, more often than not programs and networking issues seem to be more common when resuming from Sleep/Hibernate. Hibernate mode is almost the same thing as fully shutting down your PC, except it saves your place in Windows to resume the next time you turn it on. Instead of saving to your RAM like sleep mode, it saves straight to your hard drive so that there’s no chance of losing anything if power is abruptly cut.

Windows Not Detecting Second Monitor? Try These Fixes

When re-connecting all the cables, make sure you plug the HDMI or other cables into the correct video card slot. In my case, I had plugged into the inbuilt card and the system didn’t like it. Swapped the cable over and BINGO, all good again.

Youtube Screen Rotation Not Working? Heres Why Solved

I can’t promise I’ll respond to all the messages I receive , but I’ll do my best. I kindly ask at this point please do not email me “What do I do next?” if you have a monitor problem, as I will simply refer you to this article. On the other hand if you have a separate computer question you’d like to ask me tiworker exe windows 8, then follow through to the next paragraph.

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